"The energy that Dominik has shown during his presentation was unique, positive and incredibly authentic."- Tim Rohrbach, HDI

Dominik Groenen

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Dominik Groenen gave the course participants’ minds an insider perspective and expert insights into the dynamics behind the InsurTech scene and the strategic implications for established insurers. Groenen is a master talent and expert in questioning entrenched thinking patterns. He is also a rich source of new food for thought.

PROF. DR. ALLENSPACH AND HERRN PROF. DR. BRAUN Executive Director & Adjunct Professor of Risk Management Universität St. Gallen

Dominik Groenen is the archetype of an entrepreneur: I had the pleasure of getting to know him as a distinguished founder in a number of different settings. He truly enjoys doing what he’s best at: creating successful businesses. His intoxicating and inspiring nature combined with his likeable demeanour make working with him a fun experience. Dominik Groenen not only combines profound experience from 13 startups founded by himself, he also offers expert insider industry know-how in insurance and tops it off with an unconventional approach to scrutinizing traditional business models. His extensive overseas experience is reflected in his excellent international network. He is quick to see the potentials in the startups he’s engaged with, asks the questions that need to be asked and offers a network that can open many interesting doors.

PROF. DR. CHRISTOPH KOLBECK Endowment chair for Family Business and Business Formation, HAWK University for applies Science and Arts.

Dominik is an experienced entrepreneur who always comes up with new ideas, he's tremendously curious and extremely smart - a great role model for future entrepreneurs. In the project I conducted jointly with him, Dominik made a real difference with his absolute commitment, his open mind and approachability for suggestions and his courage in making a dream happen in reality.

PROF. DR. STEPHANIE RABBE Professor for Entrepreneurship and Business Formation, a chair endowed by Sparkasse Hildesheim Goslar Peine at HAWK University for applied Science and Art

Dominik Groenen is at the forefront of digital insurance.

TORSTEN G. MÜLLER Chief Information Officer & Chief Digital Officer, Member of the Executive Board at Helvetia Insurance Germany

I had the pleasure of witnessing Mr Groenen’s talent as a speaker on external and internal events. His inspiring perspective on the market was a particularly valuable contribution to our discussions within the network of young brokers. He offers profound industry insider know-how and is distinguished by his thorough understanding of the digital development prospects for the insurance market. I consider Mr Groenen to be a top speaker who knows how to take his audience on a journey into the digital future of our industry.

HARTMUT GOEBEL germanBroker.net AG

We are engaged in intense discussions with our sales partners and employees about the challenges faced by the insurance industry in the context of the digitalisation. Our objective is to direct the attention to the necessary customer focus and the changes in our thinking and processes that come with it. Dominik has supported us on numerous events with his extensive experience in the insurance industry and startups, it was invigorating, and his consistent support was extremely valuable.

OLIVER-ALEXANDER ELTER Division Director Globals / Special Brokers

I had the pleasure of getting to know Dominik Groenen at an event I was attending. I was thrilled by his seasoned yet progressive perspective and ability to call a spade a spade. I actually contacted him after the event to work with him on optimising my company, MKM KreditManagement GmbH. The project that followed was a full success. His unconventional approach made it possible to raise public awareness for our company and adjust our internal processes so that our company was able to position itself in the best possible way as a specialist for health cover. Dominik Groenen truly is at home in the digitalisation of our industry. For me, Dominik opened up a completely different perspective on things and I am delighted to have him at my side. He just seems to be ahead of the competition by far more than just an inch.

MARCO LOTZ MKM KreditManagement GmbH

People come up with innovative ideas every day. But nobody combines them with extensive insider know-how as Dominik Groenen does. It’s a winning combination that has delivered valuable impetus for our company.

PHILIPP BELLI Head of Internet - New Media at WWK Life Insurance a.G.

Mr Groenen's lecture on the digital potentials in the area of liability insurance was extremely valueable for Innovario. His clear vision of the future development faced by the various business models was dearly needed to fire up the discussion in this area.

PROF. DR. FRED WAGNER Lecturer for insurance management at Leipzig University

Your presentation was the highlight of our event to kick off the new year for Mayflower Capital. You’re not only sharing your profound knowledge about innovation and trends, you consistently live what you preach in every single moment. You have truly exceeded our expectations.

CHRISTOPH FINK Chief Executive Officer, Mayflower Capital AG

Dominik Groenen and I started Virado together two years ago. I have so far not met anyone else in the insurance industry with such an outstanding personal network, someone who can anticipate the sales-related market developments, come up with the right solution right away and always sees opportunity where others only see obstacles.

ARMIN MOLLA CEO and Founder, Virado

founder. innovator. maverick.

More than 20 years of entrepreneurial experience.
Successful founder of 13 startups.

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With social media seemingly being populated solely by successful Entrepreneurs these days, we're having a look at the obstacles, losses and failures instead and showcase how most overnight successes take years of hard work and mistakes to happen.


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