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Digital transformation of the insurance industry
Digital transformation of the insurance industry ///
Success factors ///
Methods ///
Challenges for employees
Insurtech / Fintech / Legaltech
Insurtech / Fintech / Legaltech ///
Overview of the different business models ///
Rules of cooperation between start-ups & corporates ///
Success Stories in Europe
digital labs, incubators and accelerator programmes
Successful models for digital labs, incubators and accelerator programmes ///
Differences / characteristics ///
Success stories ///
Corporate labs vs. independent labs
Entrepreneurship in germany
Entrepreneurship in Germany ///
Germany - a country of entrepreneurs? ///
Characteristics of successful entrepreneurs ///
How to successfully start a company in Germany ///
Venture capital in Germany
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„20 years of experience in insurance. 12 successful start-ups launched to date. Initiated flypper, the hybrid insurance company.”